TCA vs MCCRTS (24th March 2017)

On Friday 24th March 2017 MCCRTS played Tasmanian Cricket Association (TCA) in an inaugural event at The Hobart Tennis Club, Davey St, Hobart.

This event was hotly contested between the two clubs.

MCCRTS team commenced with the winning combination of Tim Raw and Robyn Woods.

After a slow start, they gained confidence after becoming accustomed to the different court and finished with a strong win 8/4.

However the next set saw TCA reply with an 8/4 win.

TCA then continued with strong games from the following players, of note Graeme Bradfield, Graeme Holloway and Graham Flower.

It was very difficult for MCCRTS to win a point off these very consistent players.

TCA won the event 4 sets to 2.

Representing MCCRTS along with Tim and Robyn were Wendy Whitehead, Martin Fuggle, Stuart and Annie Strange, Robin McAllen, Greg Henderson and Vince Scopoletti.

Thanks to Rob Jolly, Graeme Holloway and Peter Scollard in getting behind this idea to bind two great Australian cricket institutions together and creating a new competition which hopefully will become an annual challenge, alternating the venue between Hobart and Melbourne.

Also thanks to Michelle and John Moores who provided catering for the evening.

MCCRTS vs TCA (Inaugural 2017)